As an independent contractor, you can work with whatever mortgage resource you desire. No one can tell you that you "have" to work with a specific mortgage officer.

I know there are a lot of choices out there – and I want to earn your business.

Whether its brokering the sale of a home; or as in my case a mortgage, I understand the value of a team approach. My goal is to be the strongest link in your chain of professionals that you rely on to consummate your transactions.

Here's what I do :

I pre-qualify your client, and explain the process so they will come back to you ready to buy.

We have over 40 lenders which gives your clients a variety of choices.

I am available for pre-qualification letters 7 days a week.

Once your client applies for a mortgage, you'll know the status of the loan.

My Friday Report® lets your client know their status every week by e-mail even if they don't ask !

Need sales tips, have an "agency" problem – call me. I teach continuing education throughout the State and it helps me keep up on trends and problems. While I never will take the place of your manager, I want to see you succeed in this business.

I believe that working together we will both benefit – please give me a try.